It's for the kids!

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Squirt Level


Age        Weight

 8           No Limit

         (75lb. & over cannot be a ball carrier)


Squirt Level is for first year players.  All 8 year olds will be placed in this division.  9 year olds will play at the Pee Wee Level.  On occasion depending on team needs a 1st year player that is 9 years old can be assigned to a squirt team.  Any 9 year old over 90lbs. automatically plays on the Pee Wee Level.

This is a fun and exciting level where first year tackle players will begin to learn the basic fundamentals of tackle football.  They will have a coach on the field & in the huddle helping instruct the players of their responsibilities.  They will have an 8 week game schedule playing 11 on 11 with other areas in the JFLOCI League.  Games will be played on Saturdays and will consist of (4) 10 minute quarters.


Click here for Squirt Level Rules